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CFN1 You and Your Food June 2005
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Term-End Examination

June, 2005


Time: 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 100

Note : Answer five questions in All. Question no. 1 is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.

1. (a) Fill in the blanks: (10)

(i) Food performs three functions namely ____________, psychological and social.
(ii) Nuts are a good source of _______________.
(iii) Foods rich in _____________ should be included in the diets for infants, children, pregnant and lactating mothers.
(iv) A biscuit containing 20 g carbohydrate, 5 g protein and 5 g fat will provide ____________ kcal.
(v) Mango is a good source of vitamin ______________.
(vi) The stimulant present in coffee is called _______________.
(vii) Canned foods, packed foods and frozen foods are examples of ___________ foods.
(viii) Steaming and pressure cooking help to preserve ____________.
(ix) Roots and tubers are rich in _____________.
(x) A fresh egg will ________ in water.

(b) Briefly describe how the following sets of terms are related (In two sentences each) : (10)

(i) Food - Nutrients
(ii) Preservation - Chemicals
(iii) Temperature - Spoilage
(iv) Food combinations - Nutritive value
(v) Sprouting - Vitamins

3. (a) List the factors influencing food selection. (10)

(b) What is the influence of the following factors In determining food acceptance? (10)
(i) Physiological factors
(ii) Psychosocial factors

4. (a) What are the three basic food groups ? Explain with examples. (5)

(b) What is the importance and nutritive contribution of each load group? (10)

(c) How would you use food groups in planning a balanced diet? (5)

5. (a) Discuss the points you will keep in mind while selecting the following foods: (15)
(i) Milk and milk products
(ii) Fruits
(iii) Cereals
(iv) What are the different ways in which we use pulses in our daily diet? (5)

6. (a) How does contaminated food cause disease? (5)

(b) What causes spoilage of foods? (5)

(c) List the points you will keep in mind while storing: (10)
(i) Perishable foods
(ii) Non-perishable foods

7. (a) Differentiate between dry heat and moist heat rethods commonly used while cooking food. (5)

(b) Explain in detail two moist heat methods of cooking, giving examples. (10)

(c) Flow does cooking Influence nutrient content of foods? (5)

8. Write short notes on any four of the foliowing: (20)
(i) Pre-preparation of food
(ii) Beverages
(iii) Micronutrients
(iv) Functions of fats
(v) Role of sugar and jaggery and their uses in cooking

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