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CFN1 You and Your Food June 2014
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Test Papers / Previous Question Papers of IGNOU CFN1 You and Your Food June 2014

Term-End Examination

June 2014

Time : 3 Hours

Maximum Marks : 100

Note :- Answer Five questions in all. Question No. 1 is compulsory.

1. (a) Calculate the energy value of the following food-stuffs in kilo-calories : 4

(i) 30 g of carbohydrate
(ii) 25 g of protein food
(iii) One glass of milk containing 12 g carbohydrate, 5 g fat and 8 g proteins.
(iv) 1 table-spoon of oil containing 15 g of fat

(b) Mention two good sources each of : 8

(i) Plant and animal fats.
(ii) Animal protein and vegetable protein.
(iii) Retinol and carotene
(iv) Simple and complex carbohydrate.

(c) Define the following : 8

(i) Goitre
(ii) Sauteing
(iii) Pasteurization
(iv) Rancidity

2. Classify foods into separate food groups and explain the importance and contribution of each of these food groups in detail. 20

3. (a) Explain briefly : 20

(i) Effect of deficiency and excess of carbohydrate and fats on the body. 5

(ii) Effect of deficiency of vitamins of. B-complex group. 5

(iii) Effect of deficiency of calcium in women and children. 2

(b) Graphically illustrate and briefly explain the factors influencing food selection. 8

4. (a) Enlist the precooking methods used in food preparation. Comment how these precooking methods affect food texture, taste, flavour and nutrients. 8

8. Write short notes on any four of the following : 5+5+5+5

(a) Types of convenience foods

(b) Role of fruits in our daily diet

(c) Uses of nuts and oilseed in the diet

(d) Nutritional adequacy of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal pattern.

(e) Measures to adopt to maintain good food and personal hygiene.

(b) What is the aim of food presevation ? Discuss any two methods of food preservation you may use at the home level in detail. 2+5+5

5. (a) Comment on the nutritive value and significance of including cereals, pulses and green leafy vegetables in the Indian diets. 4+4+4

(b) Discuss the properties of sugar and its uses in our diet. 4+4

6. (a) Briefly explain the uses of egg in food preparation. 12

(b) What points would you keep in mind while selecting the following ? 4+4

(i) Milk and milk products

(ii) Fats and oils

7. (a) What points would you keep in mind while cooking vegetables ? 5

(b) List the constituents of the following beverages and give the contribution of these beverages to our diet : 5+5+5

(i) Tea and coffee
(ii) Milk based beverages
(iii) Carbonated beverages

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